VirNOS NFV Solution


VirNOS™ Carrier/Enterprise Network OS
for NFV Solutions

  • Centralized Distributed Networking Support
  • Comprehensive Virtualized Network Function
  • Hypervisor Independent Solution
  • Hardware Independent Data Plane

VirNOS provides a virtual network platform based on Network Functions Virtualization to help network operators to reduce their CapEx and OpEx costs, accelerate time-to-market for new services, increase agility, and deploy new network services faster.

With VirNOS, IP Infusion provides a complete NFV-based software package which carrier and enterprise customers can run, as-is, on top of the standard server platform. Customers can integrate VirNOS into their software offering to add services and features more quickly. VirNOS is designed to meet the requirements for today’s networks by supporting supports many networking functionalities such as MPLS L3VPN, MPLS L2VPN, IPv4, IPv6, OSPF, ISIS, BGP, LDP, RSVP-TE, IPSec, QoS, and ACL. VirNOS supports carrier grade networking functions such as MPLS L3VPN, L2VPN, QoS, and ACL.

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Network operators are facing the increasing challenge of integrating and maintaining a variety of proprietary hardware, compounded with increased energy costs, capital investment and space requirements. Carriers are expected to deliver new revenue-generating services in rapidly evolving markets with reduced time to bring the service to market. At the same time, IT organizations are being asked to deliver new services and functions at increasing speeds and decreasing CapEx and OpEx costs, with increased agility and cost effectiveness.

Many core networking services including switching, routing, load balancing and VPN can now be performed by software either running directly on x86-64 servers or running as virtual machines, therefore more networking functions are being migrated to standard IT, high-volume server environments. Through Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), network services are virtualized via software, giving network operators a different approach to designing, deploying and managing networking services.

NFV replaces dedicated network hardware with virtualization software running on commodity servers. NFV decouples network functions from proprietary hardware appliances and implements the network functions through software. NFV utilizes standard IT virtualization technologies that run on a range of industry standard, high-volume service, switch and storage hardware to virtualize network functions.

Addressing Network Challenges

With VirNOS™, IP Infusion provides carriers, service providers, enterprises and network equipment manufacturers a complete NFV-based software package which customers can run, as-is, on top of the standard server platform. IP Infusion customers can integrate VirNOS into their software offering and thereby be able to add services and features more quickly.

VirNOS addresses today’s networking challenges with:

  • CAPEX reduction: Allows for the purchase of commodity servers (standard Intel) instead of purpose-built hardware and supporting pay-as-you grow models.
  • OPEX reduction: Requires less space, power and cooling requirements and simplifies the launch and management of new network services.
  • Single platform: Can use a variety of multi-version and multi-tenancy network appliances, allowing use of a single platform for different applications, users and tenants. Resources can be shared across services and different customer bases.
  • Industry proved ZebOS-XP platform: Leverage matures code base, assuring interoperability with many different existing pieces of network equipment. ZebOS is used by more than 250+ vendors around the world.

VirNOS Network Configuration

The Data Plane application in IP Infusion’s VirNOS supports various network interfaces. In order to achieve the high forwarding performance, IP Infusion’s VirNOS supports SR-IOV and PCI passthrough mode with Intel 1/10G Network Interface Cards. In order to achieve flexible service chaining, IP Infusion’s VirNOS supports Linux bridging, Open Vswitch bridging and Intel DPDK vSW. Based on the deployment environment, a suitable network interface can be used with IP Infusion’s VirNOS.

VirNOS Features

VirNOS: Module Overview

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